Aaron Fetterman


I started Kayak fishing in the spring of 2017.

I was never really a "fisherman" before that. I fished rivers and creeks, catching trout and small mouth bass, once or twice a year at our family cabin in PA.

My brother was an avid fisherman. He loved everything about it. Fresh water, salt water, any species of fish. He just loved fishing. He really got into kayak fishing, some tournaments but mostly fishing recreationally.

In April of 2016 he passed away suddenly. His wife after a year of mourning asked me if I wanted his kayak. I was honored that she wanted me to have it.

I took it out in that spring of 2017 caught my first large mouth bass and was hooked.

I am now the president and TD for one of the most elite Mid-Atlantic series. Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series. I am also a member of the Delaware Paddlesports fishing team. I fish 7-8 national tournaments a year up and down the East coast.

I am so lucky that I am a part of the this amazing community of plastic boat anglers. I have discovered a true passion for fishing and I get to honor my brother everytime I go on the water.

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