Butch Ridgedell

I'm 66 years old and reach a wide range of Anglers both young and old. When I started kayak fishing 9 years ago, Pack & Paddle is and has been my only source of Kayaks from the start.
After figuring out Kayak fishing and fishing from a boat are two different things I knew immediately I had to start learning what to do on the water. I jumped into the Tournament scene and after a couple of years of paying attention to my fellow Hobie Team members I figured things out and started doing well in events. I also started getting a lot of attention on social media from people in my age group and the younger crowd asking me for my opinion on everything from what kind of Kayak they should go with to fishing tips and techniques. I gladly helped them in anyway possible. I soon had a fleet of Outback's and a PA and had my children fishing with me. I started doing Guided Trips for Pack & Paddle to introduce people to Hobie and Fishing Bass and chasing Reds and Trout in South Louisiana. I've had some good success over the last few years winning AOY in our Local Club, CCA Star and several other events and have earned the respect of my fellow Anglers in the South. My favorite thing about this sport is helping someone get started and then letting them figure it out on their own and then getting that text or call from them excited on a trip when things come together. I'm probably.one of the oldest Team Members and have several younger guys and girls always telling me they hope to be doing what I'm doing now when they reach my age.