Christopher Mitchell

Born in Virginia, raised in Florida since I was 6. Been fishing the Florida waters as far as I can remember. Both fresh and salt. Bass fishing has a special place in my heart so that’s what I primarily target. Red fish is a close second. Naturally tournament fishing caught my eye. Started fishing bass boat tournaments when I was 16-17 with my dad then went on my own at 18 fishing local tournaments in my boat and flw bfl’s as a co. Did that for about 8 years then kayak fishing looked interesting. The tournament scene was picking up at the time and I was completely drawn in. Sold my boat to do strictly kayak bass tournaments. I’ve been in a few different kayak brand and ultimately stuck with Hobie since it’s the best all around platform for fishing anything in Florida. In the past 4-5 years fishing kayak bass tournaments I’ve made a name for myself here in Florida by doing well in club tournaments and because of my growing YouTube channel “Chris Mitchell Fishing”. With all the experience that I’ve gained, I’m a part time kayak fishing guide now with a fleet of Hobie kayaks. Kayak bass fishing is everything to me.