Hobie Fishing Team
Dealer Pro Staff

Clayton Shilling

Prairieville Louisiana

As a native of South Louisiana, I was born and raised amidst the enchanting swamps and marshlands that grace our remarkable state. My passion for fishing knows no boundaries—it encompasses both the allure of freshwater and the challenge of saltwater. My journey into the world of tournament fishing began approximately 17 years ago, where I cut my teeth with the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing community and gradually tasted success.

Over the years, I’ve achieved notable milestones in my fishing career, including securing the title of BCKFC Angler of the Year, triumphing with a 1st place victory in the IFA, and earning a commendable 4th-place finish at a Hobie Bass Open Series event held at Guntersville. This achievement granted me the honor of receiving an invitation to compete in the Tournament of Champions when it was hosted at Lake Ouachita—a true testament to the journey I’ve undertaken.

Beyond the accolades and competitions, what truly enriches my fishing experience is the enduring friendships I’ve forged through this sport. I hold in high regard the profound sense of intimacy with nature that one can only experience when gliding through the water in a Hobie Kayak.

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