Corey Pelletier

To say fishing is my passion would be an understatement. My life revolves around my time on the water and catching fish. I work full time as a fisheries biologist for the State of Rhode Island and I have been on the Hobie fishing team since 2016. I became more involved in the kayak fishing community in 2015 when I purchased my first Hobie kayak. Prior to this, I began fishing as a youngster and jumped into the world of kayak fishing in my teen years. The purchase of my first Hobie gave me the confidence to push the envelope and fish new areas, primarily targeting large striped bass. Among a plethora of other species that I target, striped bass always seems to take the focus of my attention. I have competed in On the Water’s Striper Cup for 7 years now and have placed top 10 in the kayak division every year. On mid-summer days, I enjoy some saltwater bottom fishing, especially for fluke. Saltwater fishing takes my heart but I do enjoy some freshwater bass and pike fishing from time to time.

The Hobie Outback has been my mainstay for as long as I’ve owned a Hobie. Although financially I have the ability to make the change to fishing from a boat, a Hobie kayak is the fishing platform I prefer. I have always been proud to support the products Hobie sells. The amount of time that I spend on my kayak and the abuse it withstands, speaks for itself when talking to anglers interested in buying a new kayak. There isn’t another kayak company that I’d be interested in supporting and I hope to help represent Hobie for years to come.