Dealer Pro Staff

Corey Pelletier


I’m a passionate kayak angler who dedicates much of the warm season to paddling my Hobie along the shorelines of Connecticut and Rhode Island in New England. During the summer, I often find myself on the water after sunset, chasing large striped bass. While targeting striped bass is my top choice, I also enjoy bottom fishing for various species like fluke and sea bass using my Hobie in saltwater. Over the past decade of kayak fishing, I’ve developed a strong preference for Hobie kayaks due to their numerous advantages, especially for the types of fishing I enjoy.

Participating in saltwater kayak fishing tournaments is another aspect of my angling passion, and I’ve achieved a few podium finishes. Each year, I continue to learn how the versatility of a kayak can enhance fishing success and improve my skills as an angler. I take great pleasure in sharing my passion and the knowledge I’ve gained along the way with others.

Specialty Retailer

Kayak Center 70 Brown Street 02852 North Kingstown, RI