David Inscore

Dave is an art school graduate and a 28 year veteran in the video game industry. During much of that time he's served as Art Director and Creative Director on several successful game franchises. When not in front of a PC making video games you can find him fishing atop a Hobie kayak.

Dave's kayak fishing photography has been regularly featured in Kayak Angler Magazine’s backcasts section. His visual work, often shot with GoPro Max cameras, has also been selected three times for the cover of Kayak Angler Magazine. Those KAM covers span three states, atop three different Hobie kayaks, with three different fish species… Spring 2021 (Hobie Pro Angler 360, South Carolina speckled trout), Spring 2022 (Hobie i11s, Maryland snakehead), and Summer 2022 (Hobie Lynx, Virginia redfish).

Dave is also the proud Founder and Creative Director of The Kayak Fishing Film Festival. While it ran for only a single season, Dave thoroughly enjoyed orchestrating, marketing, and bringing the unique event and passion project to life. Dave managed film submissions and selections, coordinated sponsorships, edited the final two hour film piece, and shared it online via Vimeo's video rental service (having to unfortunately scrap planned 2020 in-person viewing events due to an unexpected hiccup called Covid-19).