Dustin Stevens

My name is Dustin Stevens. I am a kayak fishing guide based in Rhode Island that also fishes various other states in the New England area. My clients are outfitted with a few different options of Hobie kayaks, the Hobie Outback, Hobie Pro Angler, and Hobie Lynx. I love representing Hobie and my local dealer at trade shows, seminars, local/regional podcast, magazine covers/articles, social media, and of course while guiding. Because of where I live and the demand to be introduced to saltwater kayak fishing I typically fish saltwater, however I love fishing freshwater as much as I possibly can. Introducing people to the sport is what I do the most however I do love to participate in local/regional tournaments a few times per year. Like most people, I started my fishing journey on shore however 99 percent of the fishing that I do is in a Hobie kayak.