Franco Natividad

I’m Franco Natividad, retired Army SSG and Purple Heart recipient. I got out in 2013 to focus more on health and healing. Fishing was vital while growing up as it was our main source of food. Now that I’m out of the Army, fishing is now my therapy. I have ulcerative colitis and have had several surgeries since. It is what it is. Through my fishing content, I’ve been able to connect to many other anglers who were veterans and those showing interest. My videos, input and influence in my local community/fishing groups has allowed me to be noticed by Black Creek Outfitters. They gave me a chance to represent not only their store and values, but Hobie. And I’d like to think I did a great job by being able to find customers, the right kayak for them. Having been in combat and being wounded, tournament fishing doesn’t tickle my fancy, but I do fish it when my body allows me. I have however, placed first in the extreme kayak fishing tournament, sailfish smack down. And placed third in another sailfish tournament. Money, sponsors are nice and all, but it’s not the motivation behind my reason to fish. Being the warrior in a garden is where I like to be.