Giovanni Gargano

Meet Giovanni Gargano, a lifetime local of the Chesapeake Bay. One with passion for the bay and surrounding waters that is hard to come by. Since he was young, he has spent his time putting around on Jon boats, Kayaks, and any other means of being able to spend time on the water that he has grown to love.

After leaving the software sales industry in January of this year he decided it was time to execute his life long goal of putting friends, family and clients on fish and began the process to become a USCG licensed Captain. Currently finishing up the last few requirements to complete the process. With over 2600 hours on his Hobie Pro Angler 12 in the last 3 years alone it's pretty easy to tell that the obsession for spending time on the water nearly consumes him. Whether chasing Trophy Stripers throughout the winter months, Speckled Trout in the late spring/fall and the drag peeling Bull Redfish, Cobia and Sheepshead throughout the summer, to say the least he is hooked.

“The options on the Chesapeake are endless throughout the year and I’m here to see as much of them as I can. The excitement of catching fish still allows me to experience that same rush of adrenaline I got as a child fishing with my father and if anything it has grown by ten fold. Watching and helping others catch fish no matter the experience level brings me that same exact feeling of joy and excitement.” -Giovanni Gargano