Grant Alvis

My name is Grant Alvis. I have been kayak fishing since 2010 and from a Hobie since 2011. I pride myself in targeting anything and everything that swims with a rod and reel. The incredible diversity I have within 2 hours of my home really aids in my multi species endeavors. From giant Redfish and Cobia, world class Smallmouth Bass, Northern Snakehead, Musky and Catfish… the list goes on. Virginia has a trophy fish award for 30 different freshwater species (of which I have 22) and a master angler award for saltwater (landing 10 different trophy saltwater fish species in one year) which I have achieved twice. Kayak fishing has played a major role in my growth as an angler and I can honestly say without my Hobies, I wouldn't be half the angler I am today!