Jacob Ward

My Name is Jacob Ward from Cherryvale, Kansas. I'm 30 years old, was Born and raised in Northeast Oklahoma then later once Married moved to the Kansas side, I have been fishing since I was around 4-5 years old. Fishing is and always has been my passion since I first picked up my first rod, how I started my fishing journey was fishing ponds of nearby neighbors, friends or in the creek that ran along the back side of our house. I would fish the occasional tournament with the friends of my older brother or sister when I wasn't old enough to drive. Once I moved out on my own I started to look into the Kayak side of fishing as it was A more cost effective way to get into the tournament side of fishing as A young adult. In late 2018 when I moved to Cherryvale, I noticed the lack of Kayak tournaments in this area of the state and decided to start up what is known as Southeast Kansas Kayak Anglers, which as of today has 832 members and growing at a fairly good Rate. I started the group on my own and have had success growing my tournament series and club all on my own. This Year I have also taken on the challenge of running the USA Bassin Kayak Series here in Kansas and am currently in Charge of 5 different divisions (which is the largest in the USA currently).