Dealer Pro Staff

Jamie Stevenson

Ontario Canada

Growing up on a family farm in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, my deep appreciation for the outdoors blossomed from a very young age. The farm life introduced me to the world of farming, hunting, and fishing, which became integral parts of my existence. However, it wasn’t until the year 2018, following my acquisition of a Hobie Outback kayak, that I unearthed my true passion: kayak fishing. I quickly developed a profound affection for the boundless opportunities that kayak angling offers, with a special focus on pursuing walleye and bass.

My initiation into competitive angling came in 2018 when I participated in my inaugural bass tournament through the Ontario Kayak Bass Trail. Since then, I’ve remained an active contender in the circuit, continuously expanding my horizons by exploring new lakes across the province. I am a firm believer in the multifaceted benefits of outdoor activities, asserting that kayak fishing is an endeavor suitable for anglers of all skill levels.

Specialty Retailer