Jim Strunk

I started fishing as a small boy with my grandpa and dad in the small creeks and white river near my home in south central Indiana. I started kayak fishing from a 10 foot sit in side kayak and became hooked with the sport from the beginning. I began tournament bass fishing in 2017 with a local club. I soon found some success and was their AOY and club champion in 2018. In 2019 I started GrassRoots Bass Yakin. GRBY has grown to be the larges kayak fishing club in the state of Indiana and held the largest kayak tournament event in the state last season. Sun Valley Sports of Indy has been and continues to be with us every step along the way. Without Sam Robinson's support, GRBY would not be what it is. I like to think that GRBY has been a very good sponsorship for Sun Valley and we have helped to sell many many Hobies. I hope our partnership continues for years to come.