Jose M Negron

Hello, my name is Jose M Negron. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. Fishing is my favorite hobby and sport. When I was young. I leaved in Pureto Rico. Where two of my cousins got eaten by sharks while they were fishing. So my mother moved us to connecticut. Thinking fishing would be out of our system. Well as you can see, it didn't work. So here we are. Loving and respecting the sport of fishing. But it all change the day I saw my first hobie kayak. that's when I knew the advantages and the posibilities. So I got my first hobie pro angler 14. The best investment of my life.
One of my greatest achievement on a Hobie kayak are.
Winning Dee's Bait &tackle 2016 annual blackfish tournament.
4th place in the 2016 Black Hall Outfitters Tog-Tober fishing tournament.
6th place in the 2016 Portland CT. Riverside catfish tournament.
1st and 2nd place in the 2017 yak Patrol kayak tournament.
1st place in the 2017 Fluke Til Ya Puke fishing kayak tournamest.
1st place in the 2017 Black hall fluke festival fishing tournament.