Josh Rayner

Josh started kayak fishing in 2007, and it didn't take him long to realize a MirageDrive kayak is "hands down" the way to go! Josh has been fishing from a Hobie for the better part of a decade now, and doing so elevated his game to new heights. His favorite model is the Outback, not only because of it's abilities on the water, but it's portability off the water. In addition to being an avid kayak angler, Josh also owns and operates a kayak fishing guide service in Connecticut, targeting everything from striped bass and false albacore in Long Island Sound, to smallmouth bass and northern pike in several of Connecticut's freshwater rivers, outfitting his clients with Hobie Outbacks and the appropriate fishing gear as well. He also provides rigging and customization services specifically for Hobie kayaks, and he knows each model inside and out. Without question, his favorite fish to target are striped bass, noteably large striped bass, in shallow boulder fields, rips, reefs, and flats. His biggest to date is 50" on the dot, but with each trip out he hopes to top that. Josh is all about having fun on the water, and fishing from a Hobie is the best way he can think to achieve just that. If you see Josh at the tackle shop, boat launch, or out on the water, say hello, he is a friendly guy who is always happy to give advice or chat about fishing.