Tournament Team

Joshua Diehl

Grovetown Georgia

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, I’ve always harbored ambitious dreams of competing against the best in the world of fishing. Despite my deep-rooted family connections, much of my life was spent simply enjoying fishing trips across the country. It wasn’t until 2019 that I received an invitation to my very first bass boat tournament, where I surprised everyone by finishing 5th and later clinching the club’s Angler of the Year title. During that same season, I managed to secure victory in only my second kayak competition at the state level.

Although I had some lingering doubts, 2020 marked a turning point when I successfully cashed a check in my inaugural National Trail competition. From that moment on, I never looked back. I went on to claim a national victory in the BASSMASTER BASS NATION Kayak Series and emerged as the champion of the 2022 BASS Nation Georgia State Championship, with other accolades quickly following suit. I am proud to exclusively participate in the Hobie Bass Open Series and BASSMASTER kayak circuits, piloting a Hobie PA14 360.

Now, I am based in Grovetown, Georgia, where I spend my time with my wife, daughters, and two beloved dogs. I also cherish the opportunity to travel with my wife and continue pursuing my passion for competitive fishing.


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