Dealer Pro Staff

Joshua Massey

Glenpool Oklahoma

As a combat veteran with a disability and a devoted full-time kayak bass angler, I actively engage in competitions spanning local, regional, and national levels. My life is centered around the realm of kayak fishing, and I am deeply embedded in the community. I proudly serve as a board member for local kayak fishing clubs in Oklahoma, where I eagerly assist newcomers in embarking on this thrilling sport. You can frequently spot me at Hobie dealer demo days and educational classes, where I am always enthusiastic about sharing my wealth of knowledge and passion.

Beyond my on-water pursuits, I utilize my presence on social media platforms to raise awareness about veterans’ issues. Through my fishing adventures, I endeavor to convey the importance of supporting and appreciating our veterans. Additionally, I operate a small guiding business in Oklahoma, and I derive immense satisfaction from participating in events like the Hobie Bass Open Series, which allows me to further immerse myself in the vibrant world of kayak fishing.

Specialty Retailer