Keith Nguyen

Keith Nguyen (The Lost Anchovy), and is an avid kayak fisherman in Northern California. He started kayak fishing 15 years ago in San Francisco Bay Area where he is grown and raised. His passion and dedication to kayak fishing drove him to create – a kayak fishing website that provides in-depth tutorials and blog. The website is an organized body of knowledge to help anglers improve their kayak fishing ability.

Keith is a member of NCKA (NorcalKayakAnglers) since 2008, and is the tournament director for the Alameda Rock Wall Halibut tournament.

You will often see TLA spending the summer months, organizing fishing events, giving seminars or chasing coastal rockfish, California halibut, king salmon, and striped bass along the coast, Over the winter TLA enjoys targeting Dungeness crab, Spiny Lobsters and white sturgeon. His favorite fish is the California halibut.