Kevin Wills

I grew up an Army brat that traveled around the world and in multiple cities/states throughout the US. Throughout our travels, fishing was always a part of our lives regardless of location and discovering kayak fishing just enhanced my love of the sport. Transitioning from a "traditional" paddle kayak into the mirage drive Hobie in 2012 is where leisure fishing took a turn into more involvement in the local kayak community and building relationships with my local Hobie dealers. Through these connections, I've created a healthy network of companies, anglers and friends that I've learned from as well as shared my insights with. I will say my favorite thing about kayak fishing though has got to be taking out the "newbie" and getting them not only hooked up on fish, but allowing them the opportunity to experience the captivating experience of kayak fishing.

I have multiple podium finishes with local saltwater kayak tournaments in Texas as well as a TOY win alongside one of my employees that I was able to introduce to both kayak fishing & Hobie.

Lastly, I'll just add that I have a fast-paced corporate career that often times goes over 100mph. My time on the water in my Outback is the only thing that allows me a "reset" and dials me back to zero making me a more productive at work and in life come Monday morning.