Kyle Zemke

I was born and raised in southern Idaho and have had a small fishing addiction that started at a young age. Like most my father and grandfather are the culprits of that.
Over the past ten years I have turned that into a lifestyle mostly due to getting in a Hobie kayak.
By trade I am a Marine technician (boat mechanic) and still do a little of that but have ventured away from that to chase the fishing dream. Back in 2014 I started getting out and fishing events and trying to start small kayak clubs in Idaho as well as being accepted to the Hobie fishing team which has completely changed my life!
I haven't stopped since, in the past nine years I have managed three Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing AOY titles and one BASS Nation PNW AOY as well as competed in the 2021 Bassmaster Kayak Championship at Lake Russell. I have qualified for four KBF National Championships and attended three of those. I love the competition and comradere amongst the other anglers and getting a chance to travel and see what's out there really has been a dream come true!
In my slow months I spend my time with my two boys skiing at our local Mountain, coaching wrestling at the middle school and high schools and teaching a kayak fishing class at the College of Southern Idaho for the community education. The fishing and kayak classes have been a lot of fun and become pretty popular in our area and it has been a great way for me to introduce the world of kayaks to people, especially Hobie's.