Dealer Pro Staff

Lance Burgos

Baton Rouge Louisiana

I’m a passionate kayak angler, proud to call south Louisiana my home. My journey with fishing began at a very young age, primarily in the freshwater bayous that grace our region. During my high school years, I started to explore the world of saltwater fishing along the Louisiana coast, and I became enamored with the pursuit of speckled trout.

Presently, I proudly serve as a member of the Hobie team, representing the Backpacker right here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My involvement extends to participating in the state tagging program, and I even had the privilege of being featured in Kayak Angler Magazine in an article titled “100 tags,” which highlights the Louisiana TAG program. I find great satisfaction in promoting volunteerism for the TAG program, as well as advocating for conservation and addressing legislative concerns related to fish limits, coastal habitat preservation, and efforts aimed at safeguarding our precious resources and estuaries.

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