Tournament Team

Matt Lanier

Bainbridge Georgia

Lifelong angler and currently a Fishing Coach for Salt Strong Saltwater Fishing Club. Fishing in a Hobie Outback. I love fishing of all kinds, and it has always been my passion, but chasing spot tails (redfish for the lay person) is what I do best.

I’ve managed to win and cash checks in inshore fishing events such as the Florida Redfish Series, Rocking Reds, CCA Eggnog, Rock the Dock, and many others, including a victory over 40 boats as the sole kayaker while in my Hobie Outback.

Having the freedom to fish from a kayak that I can take anywhere has changed my life. I want to continue to share my passion and adventure with others, helping them make memories with their friends and family on the water for a very long time. Calling Shots and Snatching Slots!

Specialty Retailer