Matt Ramey

My name is Matt Ramey. I am a 30-year-old bass angler from southeast New Mexico, USA. I am married to my wife and kayaking partner Sydney Ramey. Together they have one child, Emory, who was born in May 2022.

Since I can remember, fishing, hunting, and being outdoors have been our lifestyles. I grew up fishing with my dad from the back of a bass boat. He was the one that got me hooked on the sport and taught me how to fish. As I got older and moved off to college, fishing out of the bass boat with my dad was limited, so I found my way into the Kayak world. Kayaking was a cheap option for a college kid and allowed me to get back on the water. Kayaking became a passion of mine, and it led me and some friends to create a bass fishing trail in 2017 called Eastern New Mexico Kayak Fishing. Shortly after, I had an opportunity to join the Hobie Fishing Team through our NM Hobie dealer Zia Kayak Outfitters. Russ and Edna from Zia allowed me to represent them and Hobie. With that opportunity, I wanted to compete at the highest level possible and test myself as an angler.

Once that started competitively, fishing consumed me, and I began traveling to fish other state trails, online events, working man events, and national events. It even lead to the creation of our grass roots trail Eastern New Mexico Kayak and most recently I started the NM Bass Nation Kayak Series. These trails have opened up new opportunities for the sport to grow and give people a chance to make fishing something more for them. Over the years my greatest accomplishments include a win a Hobie BOS event on Lake Fork in 2019 and as a result I was able to compete in Hobie Worlds 9 in 2022 located in Amal Sweden and finished 7th in the world competition.

I look forward to what the future brings!