Medell Medrano

I started fishing in 2018 and bought my first kayak (2018 Hobie Compass) October 2018 and have been in Hobie's only since. My primary kayak is currently a 2021 Hobie Outback and the family kayak is a 2019 Hobie Compass Duo that I use for family outings. I started fishing because my then 6 year old son wanted to learn how to fish which is quite the opposite for most. I had to learn on my own to teach him and in doing so I found a new passion and have been on the water 52 weeks out of each year since. My wife, son and I go out as a family a few times per month Spring through Fall.

In the last 5 years, I've become known as a Speckled Trout Specialist earning Virginia State Trophy Awards (24" or greater) certificates for a documented 69 catches through the end of 2022 calendar year. Undocumented total Speckled Trout Trophy catches since 2018 is over 100.

My secondary targeted species are Redfish where I've earned 22 documented Virginia State Trophy (46' or greater) Bull Redfish Awards with over 30 catches that were not documented.

In addition to those species, I also casually target Striped Bass, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia and Bluefish in my home waters.

I am well known in the overall fishing community and throughout to the Southern Coastal Region from Maryland to Texas for Speckled Trout and Redfish as a consistent performer and as an expert kayak angler. I field a number of questions weekly about kayak fishing, fishing strategy and techniques as well as detailed questions about how to target Speckled Trout and Redfish.

I have been the guest speaker on 3 podcasts to talk specifically about kayak fishing and targeting trophy speckled trout.

I consistently drive Hobie Kayak and Accessory sales for Great Outdoor Provision Company in Virginia Beach and have been instrumental in making the Virginia Beach location Great Outdoor Provision Company's top performing Hobie store.

My other hobbies are Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Golf.

Professionally, I am the General Sales Manager for Adams Outdoor Advertising's Norfolk VA Branch. I have had a successful career in the Sales and Marketing Field for 27 years and counting.