Raf Vargas

Worldwide avid kayak angler who is passionate about sharing the experience of a self-discovery journey through kayak fishing in all bodies of water. Whether is offshore, or inshore, each experience is unique and a way to create great memories.

I had the opportunity to start one of the biggest tournament series in the Midwest over 10 years ago, bringing anglers from 12 different states together to compete and cherish each other during the Midwest Kayak Fishing Series.

I started the same initiative with inshore and offshore tournaments and demos on the island of Guam for over four years. Kayak fishing exploded on the island and it became a way of life. My Guam journey culminated with a kayak world record of a 170 lbs dogtooth tuna caught on 20 lbs test line from the Hobie Pro Angler 14.

Now, no matter where I go, no matter the type of fishing, we connect with each other and always willing to share the experience with others.