Steve Buechner

Hello my name is Steve Buechner, I am married for 23 years, and am a proud father of 2 great kids. Fishing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I love all types of fishing but my number 1 passion is kayak bass fishing tournaments. I fish mostly 2 local trails the ABA kayak series and the SoCal kayak Anglers series, but when there is a National on in the area I jump at the chance to fish it, as well as some of the local saltwater bay fishing tournaments. As much as I love the competition, I also love the Kayak community and camaraderie that goes along with kayak fishing tournaments. I love representing Hobie and Fastlane Kayaks as I believe Hobies are the best fishing platforms and the Fastlane crew is second to none here in San Diego!!