Ty Hibbs

Ty Hibbs here. Im born and raised here in South Louisiana where I guide fly fishing and sightfishing trips for all things that swim through our marshes such as redfish, drum, sheepshead, jacks and even tarpon. I spend close to 300 days on the water per year whether it may be my skiff, Hobie PA12, duck boat, or iTrek. The water is more to me than just a fun thing to be around on my free time. It’s a way of life for me. Being in a Hobie for over ten years, I’ve gotten to witness everything this place has to offer and then some in some of the most personal ways. My Hobies over the years have taken me to untouched waters, tournament wins, duck hunting adventures, and even to Sweden in 2018 for the Hobie World championship. A Hobie has always been something that essential to have no matter what I may be doing at the time. I also strive to be the best steward of our waterways in every way possible. Over the past few years, I’ve dedicated most of my extra time when I’m not on the water to the conservation efforts of redfish down here in south Louisiana as they are severely needed. I have seen the changes down here and just want to make a difference for our future. I have a year and a half old son at the time, and absolutely want him to be able to see the incredible things I’ve seen on the water in my life. Being a part of Team Hobie, I hope to bring some more incredible adventures to light with my Hobie from inshore, offshore, duck hunting, bass tournaments, and mostly, educate more people on what is going on down here and make this place better in every aspect I can.