The New home of International Kayak Tournament Fishing

The all-new Hobie Fishing Worldwide website is now the active portal for all Hobie fishing tournaments across the four corners of the earth.

In Australia in 2009 the Hobie Kayak Bream Series was established and became the premier, national series, in the country, setting a trend that rapidly spread globally.

Based on the success of the series, 2011 saw the Hobie Fishing World Championship conceptualized and started in Australia. The brilliance of the first “Worlds”, exploded the need for the worldwide development of qualifying events, leading to a place in the next world championship. In its ninth year, the Hobie Worlds is now the most prestigious kayak fishing tournament in the world, and the restricted number of places are premium tickets to attain on every continent.

Evolving from Hobie sponsored events across the USA, the newly established Hobie BOS Series, held across the country, completed its first season in 2020. Over in Europe, the European Championship began several years ago. On the back of its success, Hobie kayak fishing tournaments have increased in numbers across Europe, in Italy, in Sweden and growing, rapidly in other continental locations. The United Kingdom is developing a series, and series are establishing across the Atlantic in Canada and South America.

As well as having access to all these national tournaments, the Hobie Fishing World Championship website, hobiefishingworlds.com will also be accessible through the new Hobie Fishing Worldwide site.
For the first time, competitors, interested anglers, and Hobie enthusiasts can go to one location to access all the information needed to get actively involved in Hobie Fishing Worldwide’s, global, calendar of tournaments.
Bringing all events into a single website is an ongoing process, we encourage you to bookmark http://hobiefishingworldwide.com and to share the new web address with your many friends on various social media platforms and through word of mouth.

The Hobie Fishing Team wishes you the best in your future events and hope you enjoy this new online concept.