Andrew Dibbern

Andy began fishing with his grandfather and father at a very early age. He has been a lifelong angler from ocean, to rivers, to lakes, to streams, to creeks, to golf course hazard ponds.
Andy has been actively involved in kayak fishing for over 12 years. He has owned over a dozen different varieties of kayaks, the last seven of which are Hobie brand kayaks.
Andy has great affinity for all water sports and ocean activities. In addition to active dedication and enjoyment of kayak fishing himself, he finds much fulfillment in helping others learn and appreciate the passion of the activity as well. Other than kayak fishing, he has also won a number of medals in competitive outrigger racing events. Andy is a proud supporter of our nation’s heroes and is enthusiastically active as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Central California Chapter of Heroes on the Water, a national non-profit organization that serves to facilitate the opportunity for veterans, first responders, and their families to enjoy the therapeutic nature of kayak fishing at no cost to them.