Cha Lo

My name is Cha Lo, avid angler, outdoorsman, and father. My passion for the outdoors is directly related to my passion for my kids. In this world of constant distractions, I believe involving our children in our outdoor adventures enlightens and gives them a deeper appreciation for the things they could otherwise be missing out on. I first got on a friends Hobie Outback in 2019 while on a relaxing fishing trip and found myself owning three Outbacks a few months later. Never looking back, I found solitude, peace and tranquility on the kayaks fishing in the Pacific with my boys and friends who shared in the same passions as I did. I don’t have a specific species I focus on targeting, but love the ocean and its challenging fisheries. Also, being from the central valley and having the California Delta as my backyard I love the tug of a largemouth bass. I look forward to being a brand ambassador with a product I trust in one hundred percent and that has allowed me to experience things I otherwise wouldn’t have sitting on a boat or the shores.