Domenic Paniccia

First let me thank you for the opportunity to be considered, to be a part of Hobie in my opinion is being a part of the best in this industry and passion I love. I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corp and Law Enforcement Officer with 25 years of experience. I am a person of high moral character and integrity with a work ethic that has made me the person I am today. I strive to do the best in everything I do but at the same time have fun realizing how blessed I am to do these things. I have an incredible sense of humor and I have been blessed with the ability to be a great speaker, I can speak to anyone, whether one on one or large crowds.

I grew up in the Northeast in a very urban environment where fishing wasn't really an option for me. When I was fifteen, we moved to northeast Florida and this is where I had my first exposure to fishing, the beach and when the passion began. I started out like most, fishing from docks, piers and the surf and jumping on to anyone’s boat that would invite me. This led to me realizing fishing is what I love and what I was meant to do. I have had friends and fishing guides often joke after fishing with them for hours and them being ready to stop that “I have a serious problem”. Also fishing with friends and them wanting to stop and grab some lunch only to be met with me refusing stating “guys we can eat later we are out here fishing lol “

This led to me eventually owning my own boat and finding that the fishing I really love is inshore saltwater fishing for species such as Redfish, Trout, Flounder and Snook etc.…. I oftentimes realized in targeting these species I couldn’t quite get to the areas I needed to be due to water depth and I started exploring the kayak world. After extensive research it was clear that Hobie was considered the best and I purchased my first Hobie and haven’t looked back. A little over a year ago those around me after always seeing weekly fishing pics suggested I start a YouTube channel documenting my trips and successes to include my tournament events. In a little over a year this had led to the following:

1. Pro staff member of TFO rods, Temple fork Outfitters
2. Pro Staff member of Hagan Coastal Outfitters
3. Pro staff member of Costa Sunglasses
4. Brand Ambassador for Murray Ford Superstore

My YouTube channel in a little over a year continues to grow with an average of approximately 2000 views per month and 150 watched hours a month. My other social media platforms continue to grow as well. I continue to fish weekly and do all my own editing and content as well. Being a Pro Staff member of Hagan Coastal Outfitters has also led me to do what I also love, recommending and consulting others that are trying to get into the kayak fishing world. To meet with someone and walk them through the entire process of selecting a kayak and what gear that goes with it is amazing. An example of this is a recent consultation with Mrs. Normann of Fleming Island, Florida after meeting me she purchased a brand new Hobie Outback- a fishing machine and in my opinion the best fishing kayak on the planet.

In addition to my recreational fishing there isn’t a month that goes by that I am not actively participating in a kayak tournament. Here is a summary of some of my current and past this year:

1. CA Richardson Summer classic- active tournament.
2. 2023 Phins Fishing Classic – finished sixth in Trout division.
3. CA Richardson Spring classic- finished sixth in Trout division.
4. American Sportfishing- keep America fishing- finished sixteenth in redfish and 12th in trout.
5. Tackle Direct National- finished 46th nationally.
6. CCA Star Tournament- current
7. Sodium Big Fish- top 25%

I also continue to better my skill set by attending schools throughout the State of Florida:
1. Sodium fishing school/CA Richardson’s – snook techniques
2. Secrets of inshore fishing in Titusville, Florida May 2023

I apologize for being long winded I just want my passion and desire for kayak fishing to show and in closing I want to thank you again for being considered and look forward to your response and hope that we can start a great partnership that will benefit Hobie and myself. Sincerely, Domenic Paniccia