Dealer Pro Staff

Emil Randemo


I have a deep passion for embarking on adventures both within Sweden and in various countries around the world, where I constantly seek to catch new and diverse fish species using a variety of fishing methods. Additionally, I take great pleasure in connecting with fellow water enthusiasts who share my profound love for aquatic environments.

In all my fishing escapades, my loyal companion is my trusty Hobie kayak. It’s more than just a vessel; it’s my gateway to endless excitement and newfound discoveries. When I’m nestled in my Hobie kayak, I feel an intimate connection with the water and the natural world that surrounds me. It’s as if I become one with the water, attuned to its rhythm and immersed in its enigmatic allure. This is the essence of who I am and what fishing means to me.

During my adventures, my primary targets are Northern Pike, Perch, and sizable Zanders. Whenever the opportunity arises, I also relish the chance to pursue Black Bass.

Specialty Retailer