Tournament Team

Ethan Jett


I’m a small-town guy with grand aspirations in the world of kayak fishing! My journey with fishing began at a young age, accompanying my grandpa and dad in pursuit of panfish. However, during my high school years, my best friend persuaded me to give bass fishing from a kayak a try. From the very first trip, I knew I had discovered my lifelong passion.

I initially honed my skills by participating in local kayak fishing trails for several years. Then, in the 2022 season, I took a significant step by venturing into the Hobie BOS (Bass Open Series), a national trail series. In my debut year on the national stage, I achieved commendable results, including multiple top 30 finishes and a remarkable 2nd place at Chickamauga, which earned me a coveted spot in the Tournament of Champions.

In 2023, I expanded my horizons by competing in various events, including the Hobie BOS, BassMasters series, and the TN BASS Nation. I secured a notable 2nd place finish at the Gunterville’s No Limits tournament and, most impressively, clinched the title of TN BASS State Champion for the 2023 season. This achievement qualified me for the upcoming BassMasters Kayak Championship in March.

As I look ahead to the 2024 season, my plans include continued participation in the Hobie BOS and a substantial presence in the BassMasters series. I’m eagerly anticipating the challenges and adventures the next season will bring, and I’m ready to make it another memorable year on the water.

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