Dealer Pro Staff

Felipe Ortega

Rio Rancho New Mexico

I grew up in the northern New Mexico and southern Colorado regions, where I dedicated countless hours to fishing in the local waters. My journey took a significant turn in 2007 when I acquired a Hobie Sport kayak, becoming one of the early adopters of Hobie kayaks for fishing in New Mexico. Throughout my angling endeavors, my primary focus has consistently centered around catching Rio Grande Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout, with Pike being a close third on my list. As time went by, the introduction of Tiger Musky to a nearby lake motivated me to expand my repertoire to include them as a targeted species.

One of my privileges has been introducing and popularizing Hobie kayaks and kayak fishing within the New Mexico community. I have had the honor of contributing to local events organized by NM State Parks. Witnessing the pure excitement on people’s faces as they immerse themselves in this experience has been an incredibly rewarding aspect of my journey.

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