Dealer Pro Staff

Grant Alvis

Mechanicsville Virginia

For more than 12 years, I’ve been an avid angler, casting my lines from Hobie Kayaks. Residing in Virginia has granted me the privilege of pursuing a diverse range of freshwater and saltwater species. Notably, I’ve achieved a rare distinction in my state’s fishing history by attaining level four Freshwater Master Angler status, with trophy catches in 20 different species. I’ve also earned recognition as a Virginia Saltwater Master Angler, landing 10 trophy fish in a single year across at least five species. I’m proud to be the first angler in Virginia to accomplish both of these remarkable feats.

While I thoroughly enjoy targeting various aquatic species, my primary focuses shift with the seasons. In the warmer months, I set my sights on Snakehead and Redfish, while during the colder months, I turn my attention to Largemouth Bass and trophy Blue Catfish.

Specialty Retailer