Hung Nguyen

The Pacific Northwest offers some of the most amazing outdoor activities year-round. One of my favorite outdoor activities is fishing. When I got into fishing in this region, the options were from docks/piers or beaches/land/shore. These two options did not allow me to reach fish that are farther out. I considered a canoe since I already dismissed owning a power boat. As I was fishing from a pier one morning, I noticed a kayak angler launching from the beach gliding only inches on top of the water. What really caught my attention was seeing his legs doing all the work to propel the vessel while his hands managed the fishing rod and tackles.

Nine months of research later, I bought a Hobie Outback. It was a game changer! I loaded it on car racks, found an easy water launch point, and was on the water to find and catch fish. The Mirage Drive system is an amazing and efficient system to propel the kayak. One year after purchasing the Outback, I acquired an Oasis to take my children fishing. I fish from a Hobie Revolution 13 now. I love my Hobie kayaks. They have opened the waterways for me and my family to create some great fishing memories.