Dealer Pro Staff

Jeff Anderson

Portland Oregon

My fishing journey traces back to my earliest memories, with fond recollections of panfish in Iowa and trout fishing in the scenic waters of Wyoming. As I neared the end of my service in the Navy, I stumbled upon the thrill of saltwater fishing from a kayak in the picturesque setting of San Diego, and it quickly became my preferred method of angling.

In 2007, I relocated to Oregon and embarked on a dedicated journey to explore and comprehend the diverse and abundant fisheries that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In 2010, I earned my first sponsorship with Hobie Team, marking a significant milestone in my angling career. The following year, in 2011, I achieved the highly esteemed title of Angler of the Year from Northwest Kayak Anglers, a recognition held in high regard within the region.

Specialty Retailer