Dealer Pro Staff

Jerry Yang

Merced California

I was born and raised in California, but I spent 19 years of my adult life in North Carolina before eventually returning to California. My journey into kayak fishing began with inexpensive, no-frills kayaks that didn’t quite click with me. It all changed when I saw a couple of anglers gliding on Hobie Kayaks – that sighting prompted me to make my first purchase of a Hobie. Since then, I’ve owned 10 Hobie kayaks, solidifying my status as a lifelong supporter of the brand.

Upon my return to California in 2020, I had the privilege of joining a kayak fishing group called FreshNSalty. This opened up a remarkable journey along the West Coast, where I pursued both saltwater and freshwater fish beyond my wildest dreams. However, my all-time favorite has always been crappie fishing. Thanks to the Garmin Livescope technology on my Hobie Kayaks, I can indulge in my passion for crappie fishing anytime and anywhere.

Today, I proudly represent Tahoe Sports LTD and Hobie – a dream come true that stems from my unwavering love for kayak fishing.


Specialty Retailer