Kevin Workman

Hello. Well, I would describe myself as an adventure fisherman. I like out of the way places and gnarly fish. That said, my adventures encompass tournament fishing as well as many family fishing outings. I have five kids and four of them actively fish in their Hobie kayaks with me. My oldest son, Jack- is starting to fish some of the local kayak and tournaments and he he’s attended several Hobie BOS tournaments with me. One my main passions right now is developing his love for the sport. Kayak fishing is near and dear to me due to the sense of peacefulness I get the on the water as well as bonding moments with friends and family. I also enjoy the competition of tournaments and building my photography and video skills while out on the kayak. I’ve been on the HFT since around 2014. I’ve seen lots of changes in the sport during that time but no matter evolves, my true love of kayak fishing will never change.