Dealer Pro Staff

Kurt Smits

Terrace Park Ohio

I go by the nickname Smitty, and my journey in the fishing world began with local tournaments. Over time, kayak fishing evolved into my ultimate passion. I’ve scaled the heights of competition, securing victory at the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship in 2017. Participating in prestigious events like the Hobie Bass Open Series and KBF, I’ve consistently ranked among the top anglers across the country, where fierce competition thrives.

Despite competing at the national level, my dedication to the sport of kayak fishing extends beyond the tournament scene. I’ve made it my mission to share insights and experiences, enriching the lives of fellow anglers. In-person demonstrations have also become an integral part of my life. If you ever have a question or seek guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Smitty (Kurt). I’m always eager to assist and share valuable information.

Specialty Retailer