Liam Sylvia

Growing up in San Diego, California, I grew up fishing anywhere I could in both fresh and saltwater! After winning the Salty Crew Rocks and Docks Fishing Tournament, Ron Lane from Fastlane Sailing and Kayaking Center told me to give him my resume when I turned 15. Since then, I have been in the kayak fishing world for over 5 years participating in different tournaments and creating content for Fastlane.

Through working at Fastlane and being on the shop floor, I have developed in
depth sales knowledge on Hobie Kayaks and their accessories. With these sales skills, I have been able to communicate effectively while on the water and in the shop to increase sales for Hobie.

As I continue to progress through kayak fishing, I find the most fun in making content that both sells kayaks and gets people stoked to get on the water, whether it be in my primary waters of La Jolla and the bays or a lake in the midwest!