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Miguel Ángel Garrido Fornet


My passion lies in black bass fishing, and I’ve been a dedicated black bass boat fisherman alongside my father, Miguel Angel Garrido. My journey into the world of fishing began at the age of 5 under my father’s guidance. He introduced both my brother and me to boat fishing, focusing on black bass. We also ventured into kayaking with Hobie kayaks. I’ve been kayaking for a wonderful 5 years now, and my first kayak was a Hobie Passport 12.

To this day, I continue to enjoy fishing, both from the boat and from my kayak, a Hobie Lynx. My father remains my trusted teacher, and I’m constantly learning valuable lessons about fishing and the world of Hobie kayaks from him. Fishing for black bass from my Hobie Lynx brings me immense joy, as it’s a species I have a deep affinity for.

Specialty Retailer