Mike Cheatham


It was a camping trip that made me realize I needed a kayak. It seemed a waste to not go on the water when the back of the camper was almost touching it.
Shortly after, I fished a local Kayak tournament, then upgraded to a Hobie PA12…my life hasn't been the same since. I fish as much as possible, write about it when I have time (retired last year, so should have more time), and am doing all I can to get as many people as I can on the water – especially the grandkids.
After 29 years as a mfg engineer, I am looking forward to pedaling all the local waters…and still fishing as many tournaments as I can attend.
I live about an hour from Nashville. The kayak fishing in this area is incredible. the is so much water within 2 hours of here – crazy amounts within three hours – some of the best fishing in the US.

Tennessee has a collection of ten local groups spread across the state that fall under the KAST (Kayak Angler Society of Tennessee…https://www.facebook.com/groups/893710597411097). It is an excellent grass roots organization that allows many anglers the chance to try their skills out against other anglers of all levels.
…..this is the best way to describe it.


Our club tries to have events that teach, while also showcasing different kayaks. And if anyone wants to get in a Hobie, I make myself available to put folks in one…the rest takes care of itself.

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