Mike Kaczkowski

Mike Kaczkowski or “Katch” usually fishes for bass, but has been known to go after larger species. I am a big fish hunter, I like to target the local monsters and try to land them on my Hobie kayaks. Currently I direct two of Michigan’s largest kayak trails and plan to continue to spread the joys of not only fishing out of a Hobie kayak but also kayak fishing as a whole. Fishing in the extreme conditions of the Great Lakes is a thrill ride and I love to do it, cause the payoff is usually big. I love pushing my kayak to the boundaries and head out to areas where anglers and other kayaks don’t normally go, whether that be miles off shore or through the shallowest thickest areas, I usually find a big fish in these areas, whereas half way to the spot I usually have to give myself a pep talk to complete my journey and assure myself it is worth it, which it usually is. Although it is fishing and not catching, there is usually something to learn and the adventure is truly what we seek.