Nick Matthews

I started fishing ponds around my neighborhood when I was growing up and it lead to an obsession. Id always wanted to fish tournaments but I knew no one that had a boat nor could I buy one. I bought myself a kayak in early 2016 at the age of 16, which lead to my first fishing tournament soon after. Soon after that I realized I wanted more out of a kayak so in June of 2017 I saved enough and bought my first Hobie a Pro Angler 14 in papaya. I started with the Hobie fishing team in 2018 after getting noticed by the success I’d been having in the local tournament trail, soon after I began fishing bigger and bigger events with the Hobie Bass Open on Kentucky lake and then the Hobie Bass Open Series where in 2020 I had 2 Top 10s, 2021 had 2 fifth place finishes and finished 8th in Aoy. In 2023 I’ve had a top 5 finish on the Hobie series and plan on fishing 7 events on the series.