Dealer Pro Staff

Paul Winkel

Ontario Canada

Hailing from Fordwich, Ontario, kayak fishing is not just a pastime for me; it’s my passion and my ultimate escape. My journey into the world of fishing commenced back in 2005, thanks to a thoughtful gift from my wife – a Pungo kayak and a fishing rod. Twelve years have passed since that initial spark, and during that time, I’ve gone through ten kayaks, transforming my dear wife into a fishing widow while I’ve cultivated the hobby of my dreams.

As I navigated the spectrum of kayak types, I eventually found myself firmly in the realm of pedal-powered kayaks, embracing the world of pedals over paddles. This sport has not only allowed me to indulge in my passion but has also introduced me to a diverse community of fellow enthusiasts, resulting in lasting friendships that I treasure.

Among the various fish species, smallmouth Bass holds a special place in my heart, and when it comes to serene aquatic landscapes, Lake Huron and the Maitland River are my top choices.

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