Hobie Fishing Team
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Phil Nichol

Durham United Kingdom

Fishing has always been a deep-seated passion of mine. It began in my youth, where I would catch mini species off the harbor wall and jetties. As the years went by, I delved into various forms of fishing, including fly fishing for trout and deep-sea wreck fishing for cod, ling, and pollock. Currently, my greatest passion lies in lure fishing for pike, perch, and zander, all from the vantage point of my kayak.

I also relish the opportunity for sea fishing from my kayak when the conditions in the North Sea permit. In the past year, I’ve taken the initiative to undergo several training courses to acquire the skills and qualifications needed to become a certified paddle sports leader and angling coach. This newfound expertise enables me to share my knowledge of kayaking and fishing, serving as an angling guide and introducing newcomers to the joys of kayak fishing.

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