Dealer Pro Staff

Pierluigi Cantafio

Catanzaro CZ Italy

My journey into the world of fishing began at the age of 8, exploring the rivers and seas of southern Italy. Since 2003, my primary passion has been casting lures in saltwater, seeking out all species of predators. In 2008, I had the pleasure of discovering kayak fishing, and in 2011, I achieved a significant milestone by catching and releasing the first Bluefin Tuna in Italy entirely from a kayak. The tuna weighed approximately 65 pounds, and I accomplished this feat using 30-pound gear.

I’m proud to hold the Italian kayak fishing record for False Albacore (Euthynnus alletteratus) with a 31-pound catch. Additionally, I have the documented largest brown grouper caught in a kayak in the Mediterranean Sea, which weighed an impressive 75 pounds.

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