Robert briskie


I am an Army Combat Veteran and avid kayak angler. I compete on the BASSMASTER Kayak Series national trail and actively promote partners and products I believe in. Growing the sport through competition, fellowship, and camaraderie, I look forward to providing Hobie and Travel Country with a marketable national trail series angler who consistently fishes well and is perceived as an angler who is open and acts with integrity to promote the Hobie brand and Hobie values. I started competitively fishing out of a kayak in 2019 and quickly became addicted. Living in central Florida, kayaks provide easy access to some incredible fisheries as a means to break away from the constant technology distractions.

I have fished out of Hobie PA14 360 and 180 drive kayaks since 2021, I've bought several from Travel Country. In my opinion the PA14 is the absolute best fishing kayak on the market–bar none. The platform offers so much space and stability that suit my needs as an angler. I enjoy standing and moving around my kayak, the PA14 provides a great platform that allows me to fish the way I want to fish. Power fishing is my preferred technique, whether covering water with a jerkbait, crankbait, or vibrating jig–I love to power fish. In Florida though, it's also a lot of fun to slow down flipping an area or dissecting a pocket with your favorite soft plastics.

Finally, I am a family man. I have a full house, 4 girls, they keep us busy. When possible. I seek out opportunities to volunteer within the community and give back. Most recently, my wife, daughter and I volunteered to paint a disabled persons house in Tampa with "Paint Your Heart Out Tampa". God has blessed me with many great opportunities and I am grateful for every one of them. I look forward to working with Hobie and Travel Country!

Specialty Retailer

Travel Country Outfitters, Altamonte Springs, FL